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QuickPay will allow you to make a payment without registering to MyBills. You can make a payment to one account by typing in your entire customer number and account number. Payments will be posted to your account on the same business day. QuickPay does not allow paying partial amounts such as just the past due balance-the entire balance on the account must be paid. If you would like to have access to your account information, e-bills, or to register for Automatic Payment, please register with MyBills.


The limits for a one-time payment are as follows:

  • eCheck payments - Total cannot exceed $7,500.00
  • Credit/Debit Card payments - Total cannot exceed $500.00

*Payments made online after services have already been disconnected or are already scheduled to be disconnected, will not be reconnected. In that situation, please contact Customer Service @ 956.681.1600 to pay with a cashier in order to avoid interruption or to restore services.

NOTE: Please make sure to disable all Pop-up Blockers in your browser to access the payment page.  

Enter all leading zeros for both the customer number and account number.

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